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May 5, 2011

Fergie Launches Avon Outspoken Intense Fragrance

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The numbers for Fergie’s first fragrance launch with beauty giant Avon are in, and let’s just say — “Boom Boom Pow” is right.

“Outspoken has been our most successful fragrance launch in the history of Avon,” beamed CEO Andrea Jung at a press presentation in New York, though the longtime exec chose not to disclose more specific sales numbers.

The Black Eyed Peas performer was also on hand to preview her next scent, Outspoken Intense, which will debut in July.

The 36-year-old’s recent embrace of the current citrus trend continued with a body-hugging Diane von Furstenberg draped dress, as did her penchant for glossy black digits.

Outspoken Intense is a juicy fruity floral that will be packaged in a bottle as curvaceous as the star herself, with equally sexy grounds for inspiration.

“This scent is about that intense feeling you get right before going on stage. It’s about that exhilaration, that excitement, and owning that moment. It’s about really feeling that power when you’re in front of a crowd,” said Fergie.

To convey the intoxicating feeling, fruits like kumquat were blended for a sparkling element. The cheerful little fruit — which looks like a miniature orange — is also at the heart of tender childhood memories for the California native.

“My Dad grew kumquat. I always remember that he used to help me peel them when I was a little girl,” said Fergie.

Starfruit is another note of the fragrance that stirs nostalgia and holds intimate meaning for the star.

“The starfruit is really special to me, because every time I go on tour — especially in Asia — they have this beautiful star fruit that they slice for you in the room. We had no idea what it was, just that it was so beautiful and tastes so good. Now it always reminds me of going to a hotel and enjoying special treatment,” revealed Fergie.

With the success of Fergie’s first fragrance, Avon’s sights are set high for the summer launch, which will retail for $30 for an eau de toilette.

With a roster of celebrities as A-list as Reese Witherspoon who have also collaborated on scents for the billion dollar brand, we wondered what it was that pushed Fergie so far ahead of the crowd.

Global Fragrance Development Director Isabel Ryan says she thinks it’s due to the unique type of popularity Fergie enjoys as a performer.

“We hit the mark with her because it’s a time in her life when she’s out there and connecting with women all over the world. There are celebrities and designers out there who don’t necessarily resonate so globally, with so many different types of women,” Ryan told StyleList.

“Fergie appeals to my nine-year-old daughter, and she appeals to me. People don’t think, ‘I can be her,’ but instead, ‘I can relate to her.'”

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December 9, 2010

Christy Turlington Talks Avon Fragrance and Womens Empowerment

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She may be well-known for the past 20 years as the iconic face of Calvin Klein, but supermodel Christy Turlington is about to tango with a new partner: Avon.

The 41-year-old model will launch a sensually musky floral fragrance entitled “Slip Into” with the beauty giant next year, that plays on the act of slipping into your high heels.

We recenlty caught up with the pouty-lipped brunette, where Turlington said that being a busy mom has made her appreciate life’s simplest pleasures even more.

“I grew up with the old-fashioned idea that you only wear fragrance for fancy occasions. Now, I wear it for myself. Every moment in life is an opportunity to celebrate,” said Turlington.

As such, the model said she felt right at home shooting the ad campaign, where she wanted busy women to relate to the notion of a blissful, private moment taken for oneself.

“I identified with the ad’s concept really well. As a woman, mom and busy human being, I said yes — I need more of those quiet moments!” she said.

The California native is a longtime yoga practitioner and has even penned a book — “Living Yoga, Creating A Life Practice” — and says that the peaceful practice combined with sleeping well and a balanced lifestyle are her keys to maintaining the glow that continues to bring in the modeling contracts.

“I try to look my best, but feeling my best is more important,” says Turlington.

When Avon came knocking earlier this year, she said it was the brand’s work with women’s empowerment and health issues through the Avon Foundation For Women that immediately spoke to her.

(In fact, we recently bumped into the model at Avon’s latest fundraiser event, where Turlington sported a statuesque Alice Temperley maxi dress.)

“I’ve always wanted to make an impact. Women’s status in the world is very important to me. I think the lack of status women have in some countries is the reason why you see such high pregnancy deaths,” said Turlington.

With a lifetime of sashaying down the red carpet and illuminating countless magazine covers, we wanted to know what the mother of seven year-old daughter Grace would teach her about the glitzy world of fashion and beauty.

“She’s walking around in my heels and borrowing my perfume — we haven’t gotten to makeup yet. I want her to slow down!” laughs Turlington.

Turlington adds that her daughter finds it strange to see her mom looking glamorous on magazine covers, when she runs around the home in dressed-down wear and flats.

“She gets that there can be both dressed up and practical moments in life,” said Turlington, adding that Grace can see first-hand that magazine photos are airbrushed, and not an entirely accurate rendition of mom.

As for other young women who look up to the model, Turlington also has some sage advice.

“Try a lot of things…experiment. We live in a country where women have so many options, you can explore and voice your opinion…unlike other women in the world.”

In related news, a group of nearly 50 beauty bloggers and brand are raising funds to improve the health of women in third world countries.

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