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November 10, 2010

Christina Aguilera on Her By Day and By Night Fragrances, Applying Red Lipstick in the Bathtub, and Getting Her Body Back Post-Baby

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Christina Aguilera may be best known as the “Genie in a Bottle,” but now she’s spraying it instead of singing it. Christina Aguilera By Day and By Night are the latest fragrances from the 29-year-old pop star that are currently rolling out to Kohl’s stores nationwide in a combined gift set. Daintily packaged in a light pink box with garter-like red and black trim, it’s no surprise Xtina had a hand in the design.

By Day is a fruity-floral blend of tangerine, black currant, peony, jasmine, amber, vanilla and musk, while By Night is a more sophisticated and sultry mix of freesia and sandalwood with rhubarb, red apple, pineapple, May blossom, peach tree flower, moss and vanilla.

StyleList: Does the “everyday Christina” like to keep it casual, or is glam your preferred style 24/7?
Christina Aguilera: I wear all kinds of styles, but the one thing that I’ll do is put on red lipstick. Even if I’m in sweats with no other makeup, or sometimes even if I’m just taking a bubble bath.

SL: Wait…you put on lipstick when you’re in the tub?
CA: Yeah. I know it’s abnormal. I do it when I’m feeling creative.

SL: What did you love about the scent-making process?
CA: I love how incredibly personal the fragrances are to me. Procter & Gamble and I worked as a close team. I gave them a bunch of scents that I loved — scents that relaxed me, made me smile, made me feel confident, and sexy. I gave them tuberose candles and actually some very masculine scents with musky undertones because I find them very sexy and quite the turn on. This isn’t just a project. It’s a part of me.

SL: If each of your scents were one of your songs, which would it be and why?
CA: I truly enjoy wearing my scents all the time, no matter what kind of mood I’m in. It’s always the finishing touch for me when I’m getting ready. Christina Aguilera by Day is a very loving, sweet and sensual scent — very freeing and confident, and could be any of my songs. Christina [Aguilera] by Night has a very playfully provocative nature, and would be this single called “Nasty Naughty Boy” off my last album.

SL: How did you decide on the names?
CA: Procter & Gamble has been doing this a long time, they know what works. It’s a self-titled fragrance because it’s a reflection of me, and it gets consumers familiar with the idea of me having a fragrance.

SL: You’ve been in the spotlight for so long, yet have handled public scrutiny with grace. What advice would you give to other stars who become famous at a young age?
CA: Scrutiny comes with the territory. If you want to be in this business, then you have to make sure you can handle it. Stay true to your vision, and have a real gut instinct for what you want to be and who you want to be — and the rest doesn’t matter. The most inspirational people provoke the most controversy because it comes with greatness.

Those are the people I’ve always looked up to — the ones who have huge weights to carry and crosses to bear. All the talk can only mean you’re doing something good. Don’t be swayed by naysayers and keep your eye on the big picture. I stay true to myself and take in all that I’m inspired by. I’m on a constant growing evolution as a human being.

SL: Who are your beauty muses?
CA: I thought of my favorite classic beauty icons when I started making the fragrances. I wanted to incorporate old Hollywood vintage glamour and that red lip into a sexy and sensual feeling. Marilyn Monroe is my favorite — I think she evoked sensuality in her look, walk and talk — and she just oozed natural confidence.

SL: What has been your favorite beauty look to wear?
CA: Any look that pops off with a red lip is my favorite! I love doing everything from sweet and sexy to modern bionic or retro vintage glam. I’ll top it off with MAC’s Viva Glam or this shade called Powerhouse that is the perfect red that never turns, but I think they discontinued it.

SL: They did, I used to wear it too! It was the purest red.
CA: They always discontinue my favorite stuff.

SL: Was it hard to get back in shape after having a baby?
CA: Being in shape is always a tricky thing for me because I despise working out! I hate it. But I do it to keep mentally and physically healthy, and to feel good afterwards. I do a routine of weight training and pilates, which I did through my pregnancy. I’m not into dieting or depriving myself — I enjoy living life, and it’s important to me to do that. I never starve myself.

SL: Do you feel your beauty and fashion style has changed after becoming a mom?
CA: The hat that I wear as an artist and professionally is completely different form my mommy hat. No, I wouldn’t say that they changed. I actually feel sexier and more confident now. Your entire body is on loan when you have a baby, it’s your baby’s food supply, sanctuary, safety. Getting my body back made me more confident because I had gone through that whole process.

SL: What hair product can you not live without?
CA: Leave-in conditioner. I’m actually on the hunt for a real good one right now. I use Johnson & Johnson’s Detangler Spray on my extensions and Davines Nounou Conditioner, too.

SL: What’s one beauty or fashion hang up you’d like to give up?
CA: I would give up formal gowns for red carpet events! I despise getting into them. I feel restricted. Once I’m in them, I’m good for about 20 minutes max, and then I’m outta there. I’ll change between the red carpet and a performance, so it works out.


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