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February 11, 2010

Survey suggests men prefer black lingerie

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It’s enough to make you see red. Over half of British males say red is their least favourite colour for underwear and they actually prefer to see their bedmate in dark, mysterious vampiric black. Yet almost two-thirds of women think their men prefer to see them in a red bra and knickers.A new study by laundrycare expert, Dr Beckmann, has overturned some of the most deeply entrenched myths about men, women – and underwear. 

Red has often been held to be the sexiest lingerie colour – the one women wear when they are feeling “flirty”, despite the fact it barely flatters the typical ‘pale English rose’ complexion. But this is no longer true, according to the average British male.

Once believed to be a favourite for Valentine’s Day boudoir gifts, racy, red lingerie, is now considered the biggest bedroom turn-off by British chaps, according to Dr Beckmann’s study.

More than 50% of the men questioned put red at the top of their least favourite list, with a further 18% giving the thumbs-down to pink, and 11% saying ‘No’ to flesh-tones.

The routing of red is a blow for many women, more than 60% of whom confessed to buying red when they wanted to impress their man.

Men however, do have a secret fashionista streak – because they actually prefer black, closely followed by white, which is good news for Dr Beckmann, since they are the makers of the laundry product, Glowhite.


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